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Women’s Skateboarding Alliance (WSA) is a global management and consulting agency dedicated to authentically representing the voice of women’s skateboarding.




WSA educates, improves, and delivers the most current trends and information for female skateboarding culture worldwide. Our management and leaders provide consulting and marketing services to corporate sponsors and event organizers creating an authentic connection from female skateboarders to the board room. WSA’s executive leadership is comprised of top entrepreneurs and advocates in Action Sports: Mimi Knoop, Lisa Whitaker and Kim Woozy. In addition, WSA acts as the premiere female skateboarding sport organizers in the world, and operates in conjunction with its nonprofit division, Action Sports Alliance. In it’s first year, WSA co-produced the first ever Women’s Contest at Street League in Fall 2015, and the first ever X Games Oslo in Feb. 2016. WSA also helped facilitate and produce the first ever X Games Women’s Street qualifier held in May 2016.

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Meet The Team

From X Games medalists to TedX speakers, the WSA lineup packs a powerful punch. Meet the team that gets stuff done in the name of Women’s Skateboarding.

Mimi Knoop

President | Founder

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Mimi Knoop is one of the most respected female skateboarders in the world. Since first turning pro in 2003, she has claimed 5 X Games medals in women’s vert & has cinched titles at some of the world’s most prestigious bowl contests.

More About Mimi

Always pushing for progression, Mimi has been one of the most active women in skateboarding behind the scenes, as well. As an advocate and entrepreneur, she has been dedicated to growing the sport for the girls of the next generation by co-founding The Alliance in 2005, Hoopla Skateboards in 2008, and Women’s Skateboard Alliance (WSA) in 2015. Through The Alliance and ESPN, Mimi helped bring about prize purse parity for men and women at both summer and winter X Games in 2009. In conjunction with the Alliance, WSA acts as the premiere female skateboarding sport organizer in the world and provides consulting and marketing services to corporate sponsors and event organizers worldwide. WSA co-produced the first ever Women’s Contest at Street League in Fall 2015, along with the first ever X Games Oslo in Feb. 2016.
Mimi co-founded Hoopla Skateboards alongside industry icons Cara-Beth Burnside and George Powell w/ the mission to encourage both girls’ participation and progression in skateboarding. She has been a key player in forming one of the best female skate teams in the world. Her talents extend beyond the board as well. Not only is she co-founder of Hoopla Skateboards, she designed all branding and collateral. Mimi also created the name and logo for the “Combi Pool Classic” contest which is held each year by Vans in Orange County, CA.
Mimi represents women’s skateboarding with passion and enthusiasm. She is a tremendous advocate and ambassador for young girls breaking into the skateboarding and action sports scene.

Lisa Whitaker

VP Sports & Competition | Partner

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Lisa Whitaker has been the driving force in connecting the women’s skate scene with each other and with the world for many years. She is a talented skateboarder and former competitor that found her calling on the other side of the lens.

More About Lisa

Lisa launched in 2003 to feature her all-female skate videos. Over the years it has evolved into the Girl’s Skate Network; a social network where girls from all over the world can share their pictures, footage and opinions. Lisa is a mentor and tour guide to all the girls that land in southern California and she has been to almost every major women’s skateboarding event since 1997, either competing or documenting and quite often both. Lisa has been heavily involved behind the scenes, and has played a key role in talent scouting and athlete selection for X Games, Street League Skateboarding, SuperGirl, the Dew Tour, and other major worldwide events under the Alliance since 2005. She is also creator and owner of Meow Skateboards which features and supports one of the best all-female skate teams in the world.

Kim Woozy - womens skateboarding alliance

Kim Woozy

VP of Marketing | Partner

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Kim Woozy has a decade of experience in marketing female skateboarders. Woozy played an integral role in launching the careers of some of the world’s best female skateboarders including Leticia Bufoni, Allysha Bergado and Lizzie Armanto.

More About Kim

From 2006-2009 Woozy worked at Osiris Shoes – launching the Girls Brand which saw triple digit sales growth in each of those years. In 2010 she founded MAHFIA Productions a full service content production company specializing in women’s action sports media and in 2015 she launched a new platform: MAHFIA.TV — the global digital destination for girls action sports media. Woozy is known for her TedxTalk on women’s action sports marketing called: If She Can Do It, So Can I, where she explains the significance of supporting female athletes and media. Additionally, Woozy co-founded and produced Shred 101, later evolving to MAHFIA Sessions powered by GroupY — an event and content series specifically designed for women working the action sports industry.
Woozy’s accomplishments in producing authentic media for young girls has garnered press from publications such as Transworld Business,, and a spotlight in Marie Claire Magazine’s “20 Women Who Are Changing the Ratio”. Woozy lives in Berkeley, CA and in her free time she can be found skating with the Skate Like a Girl SF crew and snowboarding in the Sierras.

Valerie Gee

PR & Communications

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Valerie Gee has over seven years combined experience in the action sports industry, brand agency environment and consultancy roles. She specializes in public relations, multi-marketing, and project management.

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